Sunday, 22 July 2012

The sun has got his hat on

With the ongoing attacks from aphids I've been forced to move most of the chilies outdoors.  Whilst this deters the sap-sucking blighters, it's not done a lot to encourage the plants to flower or fruit. With the wettest April/May/June/July on record it's been a disastrous year for the garden with slugs demolishing anything that isn't washed away in the torrential downpours.

However, we're reliably assured that the jet-stream has now shifted and summer has begun at last. And, as I sit typing this, I can see sunshine through the window and, you never know, the forecasters might be right for once.

So, camera in hand, I've ventured out into the garden once more to record the somewhat limited progress of the Chilli Forest

It's certainly looking more forest-like these days.
There's about 15 different varieties of chilli in this photo alone.

Inferno - taken a while to ripen but now looking good.

Orozco flowers
Ancho Poblano 
Hungarian Carrot 
The Padrons are going strong now they've acclimatised to the outdoors.
Purple Jalapeno - Been a disappointing season for them with many plants amounting to nothing but this one at least has a few fruit to show for its troubles.
Yellow Scotch Bonnet - Good crop on this plant, grown from seed saved from a chilli bought in the supermarket
Big Jim - Three large fruit on such a small plant has left it somewhat unbalanced on the windowsill.
A modest harvest this week - Loco, Friar's Hat, Superchilli, Chilhaucle Negro, Hungarian Hot Wax and Black Hungarian.