Monday, 28 July 2014

Endless summer

Whilst there's plenty more work to be done in the garden the greenhouse is settling in nicely
There's plenty foliage inside. The drip feeders for the Root Pouches can seen on top of the pots.
The habaneros to the right are producing good sturdy stems.
Sweet Banana
Some of these were the seedlings I damaged with the soap, it's good to see they've recovered.
Padrons collected from Galicia.
Black Pearl
The beautiful variegated leaves of Orozco
Lots of fruit on the Cheyenne plant.
Black Tongued Scorpion
Nepalese Snakebite

Sunday, 13 July 2014

It's a jungle in there!

With the recent good weather the chillies are growing rapidly with plenty of flowers and some unripe fruit forming.


Orozco & Black Pearl
The Cheyenne is particularly impressive with a huge quantity of pods. I've never grown this variety before so I don't know what to expect in terms of flavour but the yield is promising.

Lots of fruit on the Cheyenne...
...and more flowers on the way

Distinctive flowers on the Black Tongued Scorpion

Sweet Banana

The Habaneros are coming on well in the Chilligrow

The larger plants are growing vigorously.

As long as I can keep an eye on the reservoirs during this hot spell I should be able to prevent anything drying out. The drip feed system is working ok with the Root Pouches but i'm having issues with the automatic timer (the connectors are leaking like a sieve) so I'm still having to run it manually for now.

It's a jungle in there!