Thursday, 25 July 2013


With everything growing so fast I though it would be a good time to take stock of all the plants that I have in the garden.

The Black Pearl, Etna and Loco were overwintered, the rest are this year's planting.

These are all yellow and red Scotch Bonnets, I have quite a few...

The plants overwintered from last year haven't performed as well as expected but there are flowers and fruit on a few.

Space is now at a premium in the large chilli house. Most have flowers on the way and a few have pods forming.

Including the Golden Cayenne which has plenty of fruit forming.

Monday, 8 July 2013


 With the recent heatwave the plants in the chilli houses have been growing a pace.  Space has become a premium, particularly with all the Scotch Bonnets that were planted as replacements.
The chilli forest is thriving
Flower buds forming on the Paper Lantern Hab
Some of the chillies that were overwintered from last year have started to flower, the Chilli de Arbol even has a couple of small chillies growing, the first of the year.

Black Pearl, a pretty little ornamental variety with small black fruit

De Arbol, the first to bear fruit this year
Etna, this small hot variety is very resilient and easy to grow
Whist potting on some of the larger chillies I thought it would be a good opportunity to test out some new pots.  These soft fabric root-pouches are designed to increase root growth by air-pruning the tap-roots.  As the thick taproot grows through the fabric of the bag, the root is burnt by the air and pruned short. This forces the root to throw out more of the fine side shoots, increasing the root mass and allowing more nutrients to be taken up.

I've planted up a number of the more well-established chillies and await with interested to see how they fare.
L to R Golden Cayenne, Friar's Hat, Scotch Bonnet
Some weeks back one of my Friar's Hat chillies suffered a bit of extreme pruning when an overweight moggy crashed through the roof of the chilli  house and snapped the stem in two.  Well, less than a month later the plant is looking very healthy with lots of new growth bushing out from the base.  Proof, if proof were needed, that pinching out chillies does result in sturdier and bushier plants.

26 days later...